About ERDA
SAJJ Karshika Utpanna Private Limited was conceived in the year 2019 and was incorporated in the year 2020 as a Start Up Initiative to Venture, Spices, Dehydrated Vegetables and Fruits, Spice Oils and other Additive and Preservative free Products for Healthy Living.
Our Company is Incorporated to Consistently meet the healthy expectations of our valued Customers.We continuously focus on the innovation of Market Tastes and Changes.
As a food Processing Sector our core strength is to Provide Chemical and preservative free products which reaches even the remotest rural, keeping in mind to make them Healthy and free from Hazardous products.
Why us?

Our Main objective is not to make Profits but to make our Products reach every square inch of the globe to make a better and Healthy Universe.

As the Pandemic(SARS Covid 19) has made to change the lifestyle of every human beings around the globe, we tend to take this golden opportunity to give back healthy and Immune boosting products to the People, which will be completely natural and Organic in nature.


Our Mission

We commit to provide  healthier essentials with Innovative and responsible use of resources without compromising on the Quality and reputation for the human kind.

Our Brand Value is built up to provide opportunities with accountability to the Stake holders and share holders.

Our Vision

ERDA at Every Home and Workplace by striving to give back and uplifting the living of the farmers.