Immunity Booster

Immunity Booster


It is a traditional, homemade, aromatic drink that has numerous healing properties. Different medicinal ingredients are used to make this kadha. It is used in India since ancient times but currently, it comes into the limelight due to the corona pandemic. Apart from boosting your immunity, this kadha will relax your body, decrease body temperature, improve skin quality, strengthen your stomach health, and much more.

Immunity Booster Health Benefits
1. Boosts Immune System.
2. Fights against respiratory Symptoms.
3. Anti-ageing Properties.
4. Helps in weight Loss.
5. Aids Digestion.


Immunity boosters are also healthy drinks choice which is far better than a cup of normal tea. Taking a direct immunity booster may be annoying because of the flavors of the ingredients but you can try having a cup of immunity booster tea in the early morning. It provides you with energy throughout the day and protects you from some disease-causing germs. These tea packs are fortified with natural herbs along with tea leaves and can enhance the flavor as well as the strengthening value of your cup of tea.

Add a minimum quantity of sugar to enhance the flavor of the tea, but never use milk. Milk can affect your digestive performance.