Tulsi Green Tea

Tulsi Green Tea


Tulsi Green Tea is a unique combination of Green Tea and three varieties of Tulsi to create an antioxidant-rich tonic that increases energy levels while cooling and balancing your senses. It is simple and subtle, yet provides wonderfully restorative powers. Enjoy as a natural health and energy boost throughout the day!

Tulsi Green Tea Health Benefits
1. Reduces Stress.
2. Improves Digestion & Metabolism.
3. Rich in Antioxidants.
4. Boosts Stamina.
5. Strengthens Immune System.


Green Tea has been considered the best remedy for weight loss. Due to the oxidation process, the tea leaves which we buy from markets are black and dark and also affect our body. But when we mix green tea with others, it is less oxidized. The color of green tea turns yellow from mild brown while preparing.

Tulsi is highly effective for our body, known as the best medicine for people having coughs. When we add tulsi to green tea, the flavor of tulsi made the taste more perfect. Drink hot Tulsi Green Tea in the early morning refreshes your mind and energies your body. It also helps fight anxiety.