Rice, (Oryza sativa) is an edible starchy cereal grain from the grass plant (family Poaceae) that produces it. Nearly one-half of the world population, including virtually all of East and Southeast Asia, entirely relies upon rice as a staple food at Asian, Middle Eastern and other cuisines. Rice is prepared by boiling, or it grounded to make rice flour. Length, shape, and weight of the panicle and the overall productivity of a given plant greatly differ according to the species.

Brown and white rice are the same grain, just grinded separately. Grains of brown rice have the bran layer unbroken that takes longer time to cook the brown rice. While In white rice, it is removed. The presence of the bran layer makes brown rice more nourishing than white one, although some white rice is secured.


1. Diabetes Control
2. Heart Health
3. Reduction in Cancer risk