Whole Spices (Mix)

Whole spices as dried inactive seeds, leaves, bark and roots, inclusive of aromatic oils with magical spice flavours within, just waiting to be released.
Whole spices have a longer shelf life than pre-packaged ground ones, recovering brightness until their intense flavour is extracted.
Which is why, even today, many Indian home-cooks will not examine having just store-bought ground spices in their kitchen, except turmeric and red chillies; both are best ground by a trusted spice merchant.

Whole Spices Benefits.

From cinnamon’s potential to reduce blood sugar dividing with cardamom’s diuretic properties, to the cancer fighting qualities of turmeric and cumin seeds digestive merits, on to whole coriander’s capacity to fight bad cholesterol, and antioxidant-rich dry red chilli’s anti-inflammatory ways; the list of health benefits of whole spice consumption is unlimited and cannot be neglected.