English Breakfast

English Breakfast


English Breakfast is a traditional mixture of black tea that is usually consumed with breakfast. The various mixtures of tea leaves are found in Assam, Sri Lanka, and East Africa. The people of the 19th century used this blended tea for breakfast and they called this ‘Breakfast Tea’. It was invented by Scottish tea master Robert Drysdale in 1892, the time when tea clippers were rushing across the ocean trades route and tea consumption became more popular worldwide.

English Breakfast Health Benefits
1. Detoxifies the Body.
2. Eliminates Stress.
3. Reduces Cholesterol Levels.
4. Promotes Weight Loss.
5. Improves Heart Health.


Once Queen Victoria tested this tea while she visiting Balmoral in Scotland and she enjoyed it a lot, she also took a box home in England. After this in England, it is known as “English Breakfast Tea”.

English breakfast can be served with milk and sometimes with a minimum quantity of sugar. The tea has the ability to bring a twist in the taste along with providing instant energy.

Its caffeine content provides a booster morning and a calming pickup throughout the day. UK tea and infusions reveal that this type of black tea can maintain your blood pressure and is also be helpful for decreasing your weight as well as osteoporosis. It is used as a medicine for certain types of cancer.