Lemon Grass, Ginger

Lemon Grass, Ginger


Lemongrass ginger tea is a soothing and refreshing herbal tea made with fresh lemongrass, ginger and sweetened with honey. This refined sugar-free, caffeine-free and dairy-free tea makes a healthy and aromatic morning drink to kick start your day

Lemon Grass, Ginger Health Benefits
1. Lowers Cholesterol.
2. Relieves Pain.
3. Boosts Red Blood Cells.
4. Relieves Bloating.
5. Reduces Anxiety.

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Lemongrass tea is generally made with dried leaves of the lemongrass plant, its botanical name is Cymbopogon. This category of plants grows generally in warm weather, in the South Asia region

In winter, cold weather, or rainy season, a cup of Lemon Grass, Ginger hot tea can refresh your mind. Not only its taste is good but also it provides you with several health benefits. Such as

Doctors recommend that 5g of lemongrass ginger tea per day can protect you from several diseases. But remember, too much ginger tea can burn your heart and you may suffer from diarrhea.