Coffee (Robust) Roasted

Robusta coffee tends to be a kind of coffee made up of the beans (seeds) of the coffea canephora plant, originated in central and western Sub-Saharan Africa . It is the second most well liked coffee in the world, making up 40% of the worlds coffee production. It comes second only to arabica (from the coffea arabica plant) which makes up the remaining 60% (or more) of coffee production worldwide. Robusta coffee is extensively grown in the Eastern Hemisphere, especially in Africa and Indonesia. Its largest producer is Vietnam. Coffea robusta has become a synonym of Coffea canephora which has two key varieties, C. c. robusta, and C. c. nganda. These varieties are generally referred to as robusta coffee. It’s often utilized in instant coffee and espresso blends. Robusta coffee tastes earthy and is often said to have a bitter, gluey/grain-like flavor, with a peanut kind of impact.

Coffee (Robust) Roasted Health Benefits.
  1. Seed consists of caffeine, a widely used as a restorative that is also used in painkilling remedy to reinforce the effect of aspirin and Paracetamol.
  2. It also comprises of the restoratives like theobromine and theophylline, beside chlorogenic acid known as an allergen.
  3. Seed is a bitter, aromatic, tonic herb that regulates urine and prevents vomiting.
  4. It is reported to be analgesic, an aphrodisiac, anorexic, antidotal, cardiotonic, CNS-restorative counter-irritant, diuretic, hypnotic, galactagogue, and nervine.
  5. Whilst not usually recognized as a medical herb, coffee is a highly efficient general stimulant, having a specific influence upon the central nervous system, boosting perception and physical performance.
  6. It has been found to cure in case of headache or migraine.
  7. Coffee is a folk remedy for asthma, atropine poisoning, fever, flu, headache, jaundice, malaria, migraine, narcosis, nephrosis, opium poisoning, sores, and vertigo.