Green Tea

While preparing unfermented tea, the reacting enzymes are killed by steam blasting of freshly picked off leaf in perforated drums or by roasting it in hot iron pans before rolling. The leaf is then exposed to more heating and rolling until it turns dark green and a bluish tint appears. The leaves are finally dried to a moisture content of three to 4 percent and are either crushed into small pieces or ground to a powder.

Green Tea Health Benefits.

1. Green tea is loaded with antioxidants, polyphenols, and flavonoids that not only boost immunity but also protect us against cough and flu.
2. It helps in managing a healthy heart.
3. Regular consumption of green tea also helps in lowering cholesterol levels, removing bad cholesterol increasing good cholesterol.
4. It helps in losing weight and promoted digestion.
5. Additional benefits for frequent consumers of green and black teas include a reduced risk for heart condition. The antioxidants in green, black can help block the oxidation of bad cholesterol, increase good cholesterol boosting artery function, reduction in hypertension risk in regular consumers of green tea, compared to non-consumers of tea.”
6. Green tea consumption has also known to encourage healthy hair and clear skin.

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