Talking about Spices, Indian Spices are having a huge demand. Spices are employed as Adjuncts to impart Flavour and Aroma for Foods that we cook or Serve. Spice or Spice Seeds or Spice Oils are healthy in nature which is having so much of Nutritional Value where every human being needed for their daily life. We at Sajj, giving back to the society Source Spices directly from the Spice Farmers or from Tribes and without involving any Middlemen will Process and Pack at our Processing Centre without harming the Quality of the Products, which will be packed and sold to the end Customer such as Hotels, Households, Bakery & Confectionery Units, Food Processing and Manufacturing Units, Exports to different Countries

We Supply Spice and Spice powders Such as Turmeric, Cloves, Black Pepper, White Pepper, Cardamom, Black Cardamom, Star Anise, Dry Ginger, Nut Meg, Nut Shell, Mace, Bay leaf, Cinnamon (Sticks & Roll).


Dehydrated Fruits and Vegetables is one such market in the world where people tend to look for Dehydrated Fruits and Vegetables. We Source Dried Fruits and Vegetables straight from the Organic Farm growers who Processes for us from Direct Sunlight without losing its Nutritional Values. We process and Supply to the different caterers such as Bakery & Confectionery, Sweet Manufacturers, Hotels & Restaurants, Household, Corporates (For Gifting during Festive Season)


Honey is one such thing, which is very much required for the well being of a human body. Honey is a rich source in building immunity, giving strength to your body. Our Honey is directly sourced from the deep jungle with the help of the Tribal population without harming the Bee or Bee Hive. Our Honey is totally Pure and Organic in Nature.


Who doesn’t like to have a sip of a Coffee/Tea early morning or during stressful working hours or when you are headed for a long drive during day or night? We, at SAJJ offer you Coffee in any form as per the choice of our customers. We source from the Coffee growing Framers of different parts of Karnataka and Kerala. Our main coffee is of the genus of Arabica & Robusta without addition of Chicory. You can enjoy the purity of the coffee without doubt from SAJJ.