Ayurvedic Agarbathi

Ayurvedic Agarbathi


Ayurvedic Agarbathi is a safe agarbatti essential for poojas, rituals, and other holy ceremonies. Erda’s ayurvedic agarbathi is made up of natural herbs that do not have intense side effects and are approved by Drugs Control Department. The sweet fragrance fills your room with freshness. It also has mosquito repellent property that keeps mosquitoes away and burns for a long time compared to other agarbathis.

Ayurvedic Agarbathi  Benefits
1. Effective Solution for Disinfection
2. Decreasing Fungal Bacterial Load
3. Dehumidifies Air
4. 8 Sacred Herbs


Ayurvedic agarbathi is one of the commonly used household products in India. We introduce you our best class of ayurvedic agarbathis that is needed to fill your room with positive energy. The herbal ingredients in the agarbathi are known for various benefits that are

Ayurvedic Agarbathi Benefits
1. Helps get rid of germs.
2. Speeds up the healing process.
3. Clears headaches and migraines.
4. Makes you less anxious.
5. Sleep better.


100 gm