Black Pepper

Black Pepper


Black pepper is one of the most flexible spices used effectively in all kinds of delicious recipes
Pepper Health Benefits.
1. High in antioxidants.
2. Has anti-inflammatory properties.
3. May benefit your brain.
4. May improve blood sugar control.
5. May lower cholesterol levels
6. May have cancer-fighting properties.
7. Boosts absorption of nutrients.
8. May promote gut health.

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Black pepper or (Piper Nigrum) is also called pepper, the everlasting climbing vine of the family Piperaceae, and the hotly pungent spice prepared from its fruits. Black pepper finds its origin at the Malabar Coast of India and is one of the oldest known spices. It is widely used in multiple cuisines worldwide, but pepper also has a restricted usage in medicine as a carminative (to relieve the formation of gas) and as a restorative of gastric secretions.

Pepper is an unavoidable ingredient for several culinary recipes of different countries. Besides hot taste and aroma, it’s added to dishes to correct the seasoning. Pepper is a good preservative that is used for baking, pickling, canning, and for preserving meat. The world today consumes as much black pepper and also a combination of other species. It’s used in one way or other in most cuisines and is used to prepare just about every kind of dish, including desserts!


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